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Rutgers Beats Boston University 81-79

BU shreds Rutgers D, but the Knights score just enough to survive.


About midway through the first half, Rutgers was up 18 and the fans' minds started drifting towards reading all the columns about the the move to the Big Ten. Would Tim Pernetti address the crowd at halftime? Where was Jim Delaney? A 3-1 start for the hoops team, nice.

Apparently, so did the Scarlet Knights?

Boston University, facing and 0-4 start, threw everything they had at the Scarlet Knights. When Rutgers was in man, BU pulled the big men out and forced them to guard at the 3 point line. When Rutgers went to zone, their wings constantly got open and knocked down 3 pointer after 3 pointer. Rutgers faced a desperate team tonight.

And Rutgers found a way to win.

Eli Carter scored 20 points, Myles Mack scored in double digits, and Malick Kone scored 17 in 19 minutes of play. This was a good offensive showing by Rutgers. They attacked the basket, they shared the ball--for the most part, and they made their free throws. Rutgers found a way tonight, and hopefully, got a little older. But this is still an immature team.

Meanwhile, Dane Miller pulled a no-show and inexplicably would pass the ball off when he had open lanes to the hoop. Wally Judge was solid, and Kadeem Jack had 6 rebounds before the ten minute mark.

But the defense was pourous. It wasn't a Mike Rice team out their tonight. And it almost hurt them.

It'll be interesting to see how the Knights bounce back against UNC-Greensboro on Sunday afternoon. In Greensboro.

Mike Rice addresses the press afterward.

And, no, Pernetti did not address the crowd.