J.J. Denman switches to Rutgers from Wisconsin


Cue the Gospel choir, because this sure is a happy day. Rutgers usually is on the wrong side of chicanery late in the recruiting calendar, but apparently not this year. Top Pennsylvania lineman J.J. Denman (also a former Penn State commit, and a Rutgers legacy) has made the call for Rutgers over Pitt and Wisconsin, helping to secure (FINALLY!) a top offensive line class for the Scarlet Knights. Denman, along with the likely commit of Ryan Brodie from Long Branch, seemingly locks in the best incoming freshman offensive line class in school history. There's Denman, Brodie, Arch at center, Derrick Nelson at guard, and Denman's friend Chris Muller at the other tackle spot. So much for waivering for Michigan if he's convincing Denman to come here. It'll be interesting to see which of Brodie, Denman, or Muller ends up inside, and which plays left and right tackle. Credit goes out here to all the recruits who chatted up Denman this weekend, along with the coaching staff for some excellent work. There are a few big names left on the board, and all the gurus seem to think that Rutgers should finish very well, so it's an exciting time.