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Rutgers football recruiting update for the week of 1/20

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It's no thanks to some recent hangup at works and internet issues, but signing day approaches, and there's quite a bit to discuss. Time to catch up.

Committed players:

Hooray! Quanzell Lambert is coming to Rutgers - for the engineering program, of course. Lambert is a great prospect, but given past trends, he will probably grow into a defensive lineman before long. Now Quanzilla is working on Hammer, and besides that, getting into Timber Creek's 2013 class is a very big deal.

Brandon Arcidiacono is Big 33-bound.

Uncommitted players:

So yeah: even though the content of Yuri Wright's Twitter feed isn't exactly breaking news, he's suddenly in trouble for it thanks to some negative attention from the internet. Wright won't be able to finish his last semester at Don Bosco as a result. Wright's recruitment as always weird in many, many respects. There's no way that anyone could really say what he would have ended up doing, but now Rutgers is certainly in a strong position with him should they choose to take his commit.

I think you do. Whatever issues there are with Wright, if there's one coach who can get to him on and off the field, it's Greg Schiano. If he chooses to roll the dice with Wright over a safe prospect like a Kye Morgan or a Jevon Tyree, then Rutgers fans have to trust his judgment. The program has earned that right, in passing on a few really bad apples, and redeeming some guys who were really at a crossroads in high school. Either Yuri gets with the program, and the rest of the Bosco crew get him in line, or he won't last long here. So there's that reason, and the importance of keeping up a strong connection with Bosco. The right call here is to dial Coach Toal, and see what he wants to do.

Long-rumored Rutgers commit OL Ryan Brodie will finally go public with his choice in a few days.

QB Devin Fuller visits Rutgers this weekend, with Arizona last on his list. Given how Fuller isn't a fit in the offense at all, you have to feel confident at this point that RU is still in it, especially if Rutgers can get some momentum with the rest of the remaining targets like Darius Hamilton.

'13 NJ DB Eli Woodard favors OSU.

Is Rutgers still in on FL LB Travares Copeland? Syracuse soft verbal LB Tashon Whitehurst is looking around still.

'13 PA TE Adam Breneman keeps getting a lot of attention. They're also talking to '13 PA RB David Williams.

RU is an early offer for '13 VA RB Derrick Green. RU offered '13 VA DT Da'Shawn Hand from De'Antwan Williams's former HS.

Per Andy Staples, decommitments are much less common than you may think.

Elsewhere in the recruiting world, there's spats-a-plenty in the Pac-12.

How much is recruiting worth? Much more on defense than offense. Please, Hammer, don't hurt 'em.

Penn State just lost another commit to Ohio State today, which makes sense given that their head coach is still coaching in the NFL. They will keep Nyeem Wartman though.

Aww, Elijah Shumate committed to Notre Dame instead of staying home with his buddies. Wisconsin OL commit (and Rutgers legacy) J.J. Denman visited Pitt after UW's recent coaching shakeup.