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Rutgers Slaughtered By West Virgina 84-60; Notre Dame Preview

Did you watch last week's West Virginia game at the RAC? Then you didn't have to watch this one. In a virtual replay of the previous match-up, Rutgers didn't come to play, West Virginia did and the game was basically over before SNY could switch the feed from the end of the Cincinnati/Villanova battle.

Some quick thoughts and a look ahead to Monday night's Notre Dame game after the jump....

Myles Mack scored 15 and Dane Miller registered his second consecutive double-double, but despite that everything else went the wrong way. Rutgers committed 19 turnovers. Jim Burr, continuing his dislike of Rutgers after the Big East Tourney game, called 7 fouls on the Scarlet Knights in the first 4 minutes of the game. Zero on the Mountaineers. He also called two technical fouls on the Scarlet Knights.

Basically, it wasn't pretty.

In the meantime, Deniz Kilicli took offense to Mike Rice's tame comments about being bullied and not showing up to heart. He used the postgame interviews as a way to trash Rutgers some more, including finding about 100 different ways to say "Same old Rutgers." Overall, this is a forgettable game and a terrible match-up for Rutgers. One has to hope the Scarlet Knights don't draw the Mountaineers in the Big East Tournament.

So, let's look ahead to Monday night's match-up with Notre Dame. Here are some quick keys:

1. Force Turnovers: This has been Rutgers go to defense all season. The Fighting Irish only average ten turnovers a game, but if the Scarlet Knights are going to have any chance, they will have to force more than that and get out and run.

2. Heal Eli Carter: Carter was recovering from flu-like symptoms and a high fever during the WVU game and it showed. He only scored 6 points, and it's clear that no one else was able to pick up the slack. Need more out of him. If he's healthy, the team should be able to expect at least double digits.

3. Force Eric Atkins to Dribble: The point guard is shooting over 40% from behind the arc. Force him to dribble the ball the ball or get rid of it. RU's switching defense is going to have to close out quickly, because if he gets hot, RU is in trouble.

4. Penetrate the Zone: It appeared that ND played zone against UConn yesterday. The Huskies were able to penetrate and get the ball to their big men and scored that way. Rutgers guards should be able to penetrate the zone, get to the hoop and draw contact. Don't get sucked into shooting bad 3 pointers.

5. Dane Miller, Dane Miller, Dane Miller: He showed up against WVU and it wasn't enough, but that shouldn't be a sign he should go back into his shell.

The game is tomorrow night at the RAC at 9 pm.