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Rutgers vs. West Virginia: Big East Basketball Preview

Round 2. Last time, the Mountaineers came in and manhandled the young RU team at the RAC. Now, Kevin Jones and Truck Bryant will try to go for the sweep. However, this is a completely different RU team since that game. They've gained a ton of confidence and, seemingly, a bit of maturity after beating #8 UConn and then destroying PItt on their homecourt.

Now comes the rematch, one that can show the country Rutgers is for real.

What do they need to do to make that happen?

Find out after the jump...

1. Contain Kevin Jones and Truck Bryant: Both of these players, particularly Bryant, went off at the RAC. RU needs to control these two and force someone else to beat them. However, Jones is averaging 20 points and Bryant is over 20 ppg in Big East player. A full fledged defensive effort needs to come out Saturday afternoon. If not, RU will be in a hole very quickly.

2. Rebound, Rebound, Rebound some more: The players got it right against Pittsburgh. Force bad shots and then go get the ball. There are a ton of players on the Mountaineers who can box out and be physical on the boards. If Rutgers can give the kind of effort they gave the other night against the Panthers, they'll be in good shape.

3. Share the Ball: West Virginia is a solid defensive team and Rutgers is going to have to be patient on offense. Too many times in the Pittsburgh game did one of the freshman guards jack up a 3 point shot that wasn't in the flow of the offense. Try to get the ball to Gilvydas Biruta and Derrick Randall on the blocks or one of the guards needs to drive to the hoops to try and get Jones and Kliclic in some foul trouble.

4. Bring an Edge: West Virginia just lost to UConn, but gave them a battle. They're going to be angry... again. Rutgers needs to be angry as well. Hopefully, Rice and co keep showing the team the film of last week's drubbing.

5. Dane Miller, Dane Miller, Dane Miller: The Pittsburgh game showed why he's the key to the team.