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What's going on in Syracuse?

Count Greg Schiano among the befuddled.

"Close practice. I would like to think you don’t have to close practice, that your beat guys are going to keep it under a lid. But that’s his call. It isn’t mine," said Rutgers coach Greg Schiano.

Let's recap.

  • Syracuse coach Doug Marrone closed practice for the first time all year this week, which didn't make the media very happy. The Orange have a lot of injuries, but that's been a problem all year; heck, it's been a problem for the past few seasons now following the giant housecleaning after Marrone first took over.
  • Syracuse is letting their students in to this game for free, which they do not normally do. There are also numerous promotions to give away tickets. Both aren't particular novel in a vacuum, and are certainly warranted as measures to rebuild attendance, but against Rutgers of all teams? This phenomenon has been ongoing for the past few years, which is very strange and uncommon.
  • Syracuse is promoting the game as New York's College Team Day, just as they did two years ago when Rutgers last visited the Carrier Dome. The amount of consideration given to Rutgers football is, well, flattering? Wildly disproportionate? Doesn't every Syracuse fan think Rutgers football is horrible and will lose in a blowout this weekend? Why aren't they rioting in the streets of Elmira in protest?