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Quick Thoughts

  • I'm headed out to Asia for a few weeks on business.  My sparse posts will just get as nonexistent as Kenny Britt appearances at off season workouts at the bubble (despite living 20 minutes away).
  • It's the Big East's opener against Syracuse.  We're 3 point dogs according to the Vegas line.  We've beat the spread three times this year by decent margins.  Considering that no one watches ESPN3, I don't think Vegas caught up to how much better our team is than public perception permits.  No one should honestly believe that Syracuse is a 4 point better team than North Carolina.  Syracuse also lost their best player against Rutgers - Tom Savage.  Rutgers by 10.
  • ESPN announced a 3:30 game against Pitt on ESPNU on Yom Kippur.  There are maybe 5-6 schools in the country where Yom Kippur matters for its fanbases, so you would think they would be a bit more sensitive.  In any event, I wonder why David Stern can't just once do a simple favor for Rutgers athletics and call his buddies at ESPN.  What's the point of having the most powerful Jew in sports as a RU alum?
  • Savon Huggins' poor early performance may turn out to be the Star Ledger's biggest nightmare of the year (not really, just using hyperbole).  They spent the off season building him up as Rutgers' savior.  They put unfair expectations on him for an immediate (on the field) impact.  If he failed (which he won't in the long run), they believed RU football would fail alongside him and kill the program a la Tom Savage '10.  If he succeeded, it would be all Savon's credit and Schiano's dumb luck a la Tom Savage '09.  Now, it looks as though Rutgers will be a winning program without needing an instant impact from Huggins.  He'll get the chance to develop while the team is building steadily into consistent winners again.
  • Chas Dodd is absolutely frigging hilarious.  I try not to (although I do) buy into the "awe shucks" stereotypes of our Southerner brethren. Dodd has been a welcome and refreshing change of pace from tense anticipation of this season.  I've been following his twitter.  Here are some of his classic tweets:
  • * Just tasted heaven and by heaven I mean the Chocolate meltdown at applebees!!!

    * I don't care Wat u say.....mean girls is a great movie

    * There is a very strong correlation to how much u eat and how horrible u feel afterwards....

    * Why does my gps tell me to do illegal things? Who makes these horrible devices?!?!?

    * Let a few green pigs show their face around here and me and these angry birds will show um who's boss!

    • My brainfart post about Rutgers and football independence had a very interesting split of opinion on the RU message boards.  Our jovial elders from Scarlet Report loved it, while the prep school posse from Scarlet Nation called it "dumb, retarded, suicidal, etc".  Thank god they serve more beer at Abro's tailgate. Oh, and btw Syracuse sucks.