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Week four blogpoll ballot

After a few weeks into the season, we can finally start to get a good feel for how good teams are, although it's still quite difficult working with such a small sample. (Or at least I'd prefer to use that excuse over not having any time to work on the blog...gotta finish those positional previews soon.) How can anyone fairly differentiate the likes of Alabama, Oklahoma, or LSU? Please don't read too much into these rankings as a result. There are obviously a lot of bubble teams that could make a very good case for inclusion. I really wanted to include FIU, and definitely will next week if they can beat a schizophrenic Auburn team.

As always, don't pay too much attention to last week's rankings, especially being so early in the season. For instance, WVU was penalized last week for struggling against Norfolk State, but now they're back up again after a road win at Maryland. LSU should be a fun game, even if most prognosticators aren't giving WVU a chance. FSU lost against Oklahoma, but Oklahoma is a very good team. Illinois and Clemson, as befuddling as it may be to say it, seem like they well could be good.