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Louisville has nothing to worry about

In the long run.

Sure, last night's loss to FIU looked bad. Louisville won the overall yardage battle, but that belies multiple youth-related teams gaffes by the Cardinals. Any major conference loss to a Sun Belt team is distressing. Let's not forget however that FIU should be relatively good this year. They're on the rise under Mario Cristobal, and T.Y. Hilton was the best player on the field last night. Louisville is young, and they may take their lumps this year. They'll still be fine in the long run. Charlie Strong knows what he's doing. Last night's foibles are wholly attributable to the failures of one Steve Kragthorpe.

Actually, that opinion probably isn't that controversial, unless you're a Kentucky fan or something. Here's one that's a little more interesting. UL deserves a pass for last night, but why are they going to get it? Why does USF get a pass for defining mediocrity every year? Yes, Rutgers fans still have a Gibraltar-sized chip on their shoulder for not getting any respect this year, for reasons that are not entirely consistent from team to team. They get a pass, Rutgers doesn't, because it feels right apparently.

Well, we'll certainly know more later today.