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Public Service Announcement - The Season for Redemption Starts Next Week

Die hard Rutgers fans.  I call upon thee to stop: 1) fussing about our recruiting; 2) arguing about OL/DL weights; and 3) speculate on conference realignment.  It's time for us to focus on cheering our Scarlet Knights to kick off the season right with a thrashing of North Carolina Central.  Get your tailgates in order.  If you can't make it to the game, make sure your local bar is RU turf.  And, if you have to stay home, your TV belongs to you - your spouse does not need to see Burn Notice.

Kickoff to a season is when a fanbase makes a name for themselves.  We had a bad season last year.  Time to get over it and make Eric LeGrand proud.  We know we can't count on the Star Ledger, ESPN and the cast of the Jersey Shore to promote our interests.  It's up to us to get butts in the seats and eyeballs in front of the screen.  I truly believe we will do exponentially better than last year.  You know it too.  Thou shalt be rewarded for your support.

If I can't get you on board, I guarantee this will get you PUMPED!

(link from the McCourty twin's twitvid account).