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Rutgers football 2011 fall roster updated

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As always, the official roster is available at Media guide is here.

Click this link to see the preseason depth chart, which doesn't have many surprises. Guess Mera's a DT now, despite being listed at DE.


  • The missing non-qualifier is Charlie Davis from Neptune. Get to Piscataway soon, buddy.
  • Savon is wearing #28, so you all know what custom number jersey to order now. Michael Burton at 232 lbs looks like a positive sign. Any chance he can push Martinek for playing time at fullback?
  • Jawaun Wynn is listed at WR again, which slightly clears up the logjam in the secondary. Tejay Johnson and Miles Shuler are slotted in there as well. You won't find many teams with deeper depth charts at receiver than Rutgers this fall. Edmond Laryea is listed at LB. Expect many depth chart changes (*cough*, Huggins) in the coming weeks.
  • Ben Martin is listed at RB, Tejay Johnson at WR, and Marquise Wright at DL for the moment.
  • Among the notable weight gains, Andre Civil is up from 256 to 275. Manny Abreu's listing went from 245 to 260, Mike Larrow is at 265, and David Osei is up to 280 (to everyone who complained about him being a high school wrestler a few years back - you know who you are.) Isaac Holmes slimmed down from 277 to 272 (a good thing, for a Rutgers DL.)
  • Justin Francis is 275 and listed as a "DL." Can you say defensive tackle? If the line is Merrell-Vallone-Francis-Abreu, that's a very good starting four. The question is with experienced depth. Speaking of which, the loose cannon Marcus Thompson is back at DE. Who knows if the guy will ever see the field, but Rutgers fans awed by his aggressiveness and physical talent are rooting for him.
  • Very nice to see Eric LeGrand listed honorarily listed again on the roster, although that was changed a while back.
  • Rutgers LAXer Steve Belichick is walking on to the football team as a fifth-year senior long snapper. Let's wildly speculate for a moment. With everyone wishfully imagining Mike Teel as the offensive GA next year, does Belichick get the defensive spot if Tem Lukabu joins the staff as a position coach or moves on elsewhere? Serious question: is it a problem that Belichick has received professional coaching?
  • Other new walk-ons - LB Dallas Whitaker, K Nick Borgese, DB John Clarke, LB Darren Dungee, QB Paul Hamersma, RB Paul James, FB Sean Barowski, LB Anthony Milito, LB Griffin Murray, WR Ryan Rogers, and P Justin Doerner (junior). That list should expand after the season starts.