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News and links roundup for 8/16

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  • One guess who had the worst offensive line in college football last year. That'll happen when you're running five and seven step drops out of the Shotgun.
  • Kind of weird to see Paul Franklin's work on His story was on Steve Shimko, who plans to work in law enforcement after graduation.
  • Hard to tell whether this Dick Weiss article about selling beer at High Point Stadium is based on any new information or not.
  • What do UNC fans think about their ongoing football scandals?
  • Jamaal Westerman is having a good camp for the Jets. Will Joe Lefeged be the latest Rutgers UDFA to catch on with the Colts?
  • Coach Demo resurfaced at East Stroudsburg (link appears to be dead.)
  • The Eagles cut Charlie Noonan.
  • mgoblog isn't better than On the Banks just because it has better content and is updated more frequently. It's better because Brian has been selfless enough to put others in a position to succeed. Dave's been great here, and Hype will be good (if he ever registers!), but this site has been a continued disappointment in its inability to spur on more discussion and voices, both in the comments/diaries here and elsewhere. We all can't be Brian Cook, King of Sports Blogging.
  • One small victory for Yankee (not New York Yankees) baseball: the NCAA's RPI formula for baseball will now give extra weight to road games, helping Northern-based teams in the Big East and Big Ten that typically have to travel down South for the first few weeks of the season.
  • Jaren Matthews hasn't done anything yet for the Cincinnati Reds in the minors.
  • New Brunswick to Rutgers students: stop leaving your trash on street curbs at the end of every semester.
  • When it comes to federal taxes, New Jersey's paying in a lot more than it's getting back. Always good to have that or education statistics chambered when some ignorant yokel wants to take shots at our home state.
  • UMDNJ-Newark is finally breaking even? Great, now they can finally give UMDNJ-New Brunswick back to Rutgers, right? Don't forget how much the lack of a union hurts Rutgers when it comes to arbitrary, meaningless rankings that a lot of people swear by.
  • New Jersey legislators want to impose a mandatory tuition cap on state colleges and universities. Tuition is increasingly unaffordable, but that would put the schools in question in a tight squeeze if NJ is freezing or cutting aid at the same time. This proposal, of course, is so watered down as to be meaningless, and thereby qualifies as a classic election-year publicity stunt. For what it's worth, the measure wouldn't even have affected Rutgers this year, with RU passing a minimal increase months back.
  • Motorola CEO (congrats on the Google deal) Greg Brown has a plan for who will be the next Rutgers president.