BE media gathering underway


Surprise, surprise - the Big East media hates Rutgers. Even Keith Sargeant voted us 7th. I understand skepticism towards RU, even though it's not warranted, but how was UConn not dead last on every ballot? In even less surprising news, the Villanova/Big East conference mythmaking again does not hold up to scrutiny with the tidbit that Syracuse is aligned with the Rutgers/WVU/Pitt pro-football expansion faction. Update: here are the results. West Virginia (21 first place votes, 188 pts) Pitt (2 first place votes, 162 points) USF (1 first place votes, 151 points) Syracuse (98 points) Cincinnati (96 points) Connecticut (76 points) Louisville (60 points) Rutgers (33 points) I understand skepticism in Rutgers, but are the teams above them really that good? Probably not.