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News and links roundup for 7/26

  • Rutgers LB Sam Bergen says his hamstring is 100%. Rutgers has a clear top four at linebacker with Beauharnais, Greene, and Glaud starting, and Marvin Booker a top reserve. There hasn't been an announcement yet on whether or not Edmond Laryea will get another year (and if he does, he could play fullback.) Younger players like Bergen and Dave Milewski  will be vying for playing time on the two-deep with touted incoming freshmen Quentin Gause and Kevin Snyder.
  • Hey, Ka'Lial Glaud, need some motivation? thinks you are a joke. Picking among a group of hats at a press conference is a solemn, sacred, time-honored tradition. Glaud can never be forgiven for forever defiling the sanctity of recruiting.  It's called etiquette, people. Everyone knows you never use a salad fork on the main course. Most certainly, one should never, ever, make a college choice on any other criteria than whether the Auburn booster's check cleared or not.
  • Ray Rice Day comes but once a year, but that won't stop Rice from being a good guy on a daily basis.
  • Rick Pitino supports splitting the Big East basketball conference along football lines. Not only is that a good idea in trying to make the unwieldy conference far more manageable, but it would naturally push the Big East towards a split. Can't imagine much Rutgers opposition to that plan.
  • Rutgers football played the 71st toughest schedule over the past four seasons. Only slightly below USF and UConn though.
  • CFBLive says Rutgers is the #1 family atmosphere program in the country. Sample size matters and all, but it really took them that long to come to such an obvious conclusion?
  • WAC observers think Big East expansion could wreck their league.
  • Anyone else moderately disappointed that there's a DI men's basketball prospect, and he's going to Xavier instead of Rutgers? This is news to interlopers who don't know anything about New Jersey beyond The Sopranos, but the state is as demographically diverse as it gets, and happens to be the center of the Indian diaspora in the United States. I always thought Rutgers would be a big draw if there was ever a DI prospect in football or basketball coming from an Indian background for the that reason. Dave said on Twitter that Fred Hill was recruiting Sim Bhullar for a while, but Google has nothing on that.
  • This Rivals thread looks back on RU football's undefeated 1961 season.
  • Scott Rolen is on the disabled list, so Todd Frazier is finally getting his chance to play 3B for the Cincinnati Reds.
  • One gambling addict lost everything when the Rutgers women's basketball team lost the national title to Tennessee.
  • Rutgers bucked the trend, and went with a surprisingly small tuition increase for next year. That's probably going to mean record enrollment again, right? Students and their families will be happy to not pay that much more, but if enrollment jumps again, that could have dire consequences for the university. Guess they'll have to sign a few more marketing deals. Update: forgot to add this story about college presidential salaries.
  • The New Brunswick Patch has an interesting read on gentrification in New Brunswick.
  • New Brunswick police raided the Scarlet Pub two weeks ago for underaged drinking, arresting one bouncer in Carl Buchholz who is a member of the Rutgers wrestling team.
  • Surprised me too, but there's more Rutgers ties in upstate New York than just the Leonard family.