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News and links roundup for 6/7

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  • Eric LeGrand will take two summer classes via Skype.
  • Almost every Rutgers fan believes that the Big East will get a much better television deal by hitting the open market, instead of instantly capitulating to ESPN like the conference leadership and basketball-only schools want. Deadline Hollywood Daily's weekend post about the upcoming Olympics rights negotiations offers a vivid example of how the looming quest for content could look. Nobody knows whether or not Rutgers A.D. Tim Pernetti will be able to hire a top-tier lacrosse coach, but there is little doubt that his television expertise is an unmatched asset right now.
  • Oh yeah, West Virginia is going to allow beer sales, which gives TP cover should he choose to do the same. Speaking of WVU, not every rumor floating out there is in the open yet...and to be honest, there's a good chance a lot of it ends up being wrong. Oliver Luck knows what he's doing, but there is an entrenched good old boy network in Morgantown that is as determined to hang on to power as those thieves in Providence.
  • Last year's Rutgers defensive line coach, Randy Melvin, has resurfaced in the CFL. Have to imagine his options were limited with the lockout and all. Melvin should be able to find a decent job with his established body of work.
  • Here's Devin McCourty's interview with Pro Football Focus.
  • Mike Teel is hoping to catch on with Las Vegas of the UFL during the NFL lockout.
  • Will the NCAA finally get around to deciding on a possible punishment for UNC football soon? The early UNC spin says they'll just lose a few scholarships, not that their opinion means all that much.