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Will Rutgers Hoops Take More Risks?

Note: this post is from Dave.

Last season, the Scarlet Knights played smart, bread and butter basketball.  They moved the ball around on offense, looked for the open shot, and took it.  They banged it inside.  They did what they had to do to get easy buckets.  It was fun to watch and a stark change from the Fred Hill era.  But it was also necessary.  The team wasn't talented enough to play helter skelter.

But that's all about to change.  Talent is coming.

So, will the team take more risks?  And if they do, will it lead to more success?

Find out after the jump...

Myles Mack, Kadeem Jack, Jerome Seagears, Derrick Randall, Eli Carter, Greg Lewis, and Malik Kone.  In the past year, these names brought hope to the eyes of Scarlet Knights fans.  This is supposed to be the class that begins the RU Hoops turnaround.

And, they are more talented than a class Rutgers has scene in a long time.  With that talent will come growing pains.  You will see players take risks that they shouldn't.  Those risks will be deemed dumb plays.  Especially if they fail.  Players are going to try and do too much.

This season the more risks the players take, the less the team is likely to succeed.  You can't expect the freshmen on this team to be able to hit 25 foot three point shots with a man in his face.  You can't expect on of the guards to go one on five and lay the ball in.

You're going to see a lot of mistakes.  Mistakes that may be deemed risks.

At the same time, these risks will lead to more reward in the future.  From taking these risks, Mack and company are going to learn the right way to play.  They'll start playing smarter and within themselves.  Once that happens, the tide will turn and this team will gel.

So, will the hoops team take more risks this year?  Yes, it's likely.

Will they be better because of it?  Not in the short run.  But it will pay off down the line.