Rutgers sells stadium naming rights


Multiple media outlets reported today that the Rutgers athletic department has reached a deal to sell stadium naming rights to High Point Solutions, a technology firm based in Sparta, NJ. Well, now every Rutgers fan knows who to buy routers from in the future. Rutgers fans have to be happy to see the athletic department earning additional revenue, even if it means attaching a corporate sponsorship to the stadium. Naming rights were always conceived as part of the stadium expansion pie. Not being able to sell rights for the past two and a half years hurt the program's bottom line. Now companies are earning record profits again, which is helping the sponsorship market rebound. All American Standard jokes (they're headquartered in Piscataway!) aside, it's nice to see a sponsor that reflects a positive, accurate depiction of New Jersey. So what if now we have to figure out a suitable nickname for "High Point Solutions Stadium?" Update: the Ledger is reporting that the deal's financials fall short of what the original expectations were three years ago.