Yankee Stadium, Army to gouge Rutgers fans


Feeling sticker shock over the weak economy? Wait until you see what Yankee Stadium is charging for tickets this year for the Army/Rutgers game. The grandstand and bleacher seats aren't too bad, but anything remotely close to the action is going to cost fans a pretty penny. Things won't get much better for the Pinstripe Bowl either. The press release says that fans have to buy a bundle with Pinstripe AND RU/Army tickets. Expect the Yankees to take a bath on this game with those prices. Any Rutgers fans who don't get their tickets through the RU athletic department will inevitably buy resold seats on ticket broker sites. Army's website says their single game seats go on sale June 23rd, although it should be noted that the Army athletic department made the unseemly decision two years ago to force Rutgers fans to buy multi-game ticket plans.