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Someone should get fired

Multiple mistakes have been made in operating the Rutgers Visitor Center over the past few days, the most recent of which being the decision to post five pictures on a brand new album on Facebook, posting a link to the album on Twitter in the process.

In the likely event that the online album gets taken down, here are the pictures.






The fourth picture clearly displays the Block R logo on a glass door, but the definitive proof is in the third picture. Compare the carpet pattern and windows to the 14 second mark of this video. There's your confirmation.


Hosting a Notre Dame Club event on the Rutgers campus is patently offensive, especially considering that the center is within walking distance of Rutgers Stadium.

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Building a new Visitor Center wasn't cheap, and Rutgers certainly needs to be creative about raising revenue. But this, this is simply unacceptable. The interests of Notre Dame football are diametrically opposed to the interests of Rutgers University in every conceivable respect. Something like this can never be allowed to happen under any circumstances.

Whether it was an oversight or greed, somebody needs to lose their job for letting the Notre Dame Club rent the Rutgers Visitor Center, if not multiple people. Anyone with a hand in this is no friend of Rutgers.