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Rutgers football recruiting update for the week of 5/24

Committed Players

Nooo, Miles Shuler finished second in a race.

With the NJ-NE game canceled for the year, Max Issaka will play in the July 21 Snapple Bowl at Kean University, featuring top seniors from Union and Middlesex counties.

Uncommitted Players

So what's going on with NY DB Wayne Morgan? Every Michigan fan thinks Morgan is now a silent verbal to Michigan who will go public for Michigan over Rutgers on June 1st. Meaning it wouldn't be that much of a secret then. Kind of sucks, but not a huge deal considering that Rutgers is loaded at defensive back (Michigan has basically nothing), and there are still more DB prospects leaning to RU than the staff can realistically take. By the way, Michigan seems to be having a good year in recruiting, mostly because their new DC Greg Mattison is really good.

RU offered '13 NY QB Christopher Laviano.

PA DE Noah Spence is thinking factory.

FL LB Ey'Shawn McClain has no favorites. FL OL James Hamilton isn't really saying anything.

RU's out on NY QB Chad Kelly, who's probably going to FSU if they'll have him.

Arkansas and Bobby Petrino are so unfazed by charges of oversigning that they won't even bother trying to hide the shameful practice.

Not that anyone should be particularly concerned with Pitt's recruiting at the moment, but their QB coach Todd Dodge said something that won't go over too well in the Northeast.

"We are definitely going to step in to the state of Texas because there is so much talent for what we are doing, especially offensively," said Dodge, who recently spent 10 of his 16 recruiting days in Texas. "We won't recruit Texas a whole lot for offensive and defensive linemen because with western Pennsylvania, Ohio and New Jersey, we've got those guys. We are going to go to Texas for the speed guys, for the quarterbacks and for shotgun centers. There aren't too many of those in the Northeast."

The weirdest thing about that comment is that New Jersey at least arguably has been putting out a ton of skill position players lately. Just not enough linemen.

Gah, NJ LB Dan Mastromatteo verballed to UNC. Rutgers legacy J.J. Denman committed to Penn State. Didn't really seem like he was ever that interested. Remember readers: start indoctrinating your kids from the crib onwards. Not sure if two new Louisville commits out of Florida had RU offers or not.

Watchlist: This is a section of this site's weekly recruiting posts featuring links to players that Rutgers may or may not be showing interest in, but has not yet offered.

Michael Boland, DaQuan Davis, Kevin O'Brien, Averee Robinson, Dominic Twitty, and Greg Webb.