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News and links roundup for 5/24

  • State of Rutgers wonders whether a NFL lockout will have a positive effect on college football attendance.
  • North Carolina is fighting a judge's order to turn over phone records and parking tickets to the media, which is still trying to get to the bottom of the myriad allegations surrounding the UNC football program.
  • Is anyone else wildly jealous about how the state of Connecticut is spending a fortune on UConn's medical school, while Rutgers is still fighting to regain the UMDNJ campus that was stolen decades ago? Metrics like the U.S. News rankings have no basis or validity at all, but prospective students treat them as gospel, so in a way they are a self-fulfilling prophecy over time. Rutgers is a university that has a great faculty that can match up with anywhere. A UMDNJ merger would make RU shoot up in the rankings over night, which again is a sad commentary on how the ranking metrics work considering that there would be no direct substantive change, but the influence that a merger would have over admissions selectivity cannot be ignored.
  • Rutgers #2 Phil Furmanski is stepping down.
  • Today's NJ Supreme Court budget ruling court wreck havoc on the state budget. That is, if the ruling comes in as expected, and Gov. Christie is inclined to enforce it. Any across the board spending cuts would be very painful to Rutgers at this point. That sure would be something if the state cuts one pool of education funding to increase another.