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News and links roundup for 5/10

  • This is a cool story on Ramel Meekins's grandmother. Hat tip to Guaro316 on Rivals for finding that link.
  • Rutgers basketball saw increased attendance in '10-'11, although they were still near the bottom of the Big East. They should see more positive momentum next winter, but it still could be hard getting people to go to the less interesting OOC games.
  • Jean Beljour is writing about food for the Lacey Patch.
  • The Keck Center at Rutgers has devised a promising new treatment for spinal cord injuries.
  • Rutgers has implemented 16 of 18 proposed changes after the results of an internal audit bid was released next year, but two state senators want to completely open bidding entirely. Not sure where to come down on this, as RU was grandfathered in to the current law as a condition of becoming a public university several decades back. The school administration has said that a lot of their contracts represent unique situations and that bidding would only increase costs...but then again they can probably afford to accept more bids for managing parking lots or whatever.

    Actually, since this story originally came out several months back, for my job I was actually involved with trying to track down a Request for Proposal from Rutgers, and I can attest that they make everything a gigantic hassle in a way that inevitably stifles bidding from interested contractors. So they probably should at least post all of their bid requests publicly instead of making everybody have to jump through hoops to sign up as a vendor first.