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News and links roundup for 4/26

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  • Greg Schiano was on Miami radio last week - the link is here in the upper right corner. It's basically a commercial for Rutgers football's recruiting efforts in Florida.
  • The Star-Ledger had it right on Kenny Britt for the most part. Britt is immature and has made poor decisions, but most of the personal criticism is off base in being overly simple or completely divorced from reality. He is a 22-year old who needs to grow up...not a person filled with malice or ill intentions. Going back two years ago there were a lot of stories going around that he was eccentric and such, but Rutgers runs the kind of football program where those guys can thrive. The lockout has been terrible for Kenny. He needs to go back to Tennessee for now and focus solely on football.
  • This Saturday is the Scarlet-White game, and it's also the third annual Rutgers Day (technically, as it piggybacked on pre-existing events like Ag Field Day.) As of now the forecast is sunny in the low 60s. One question is that it's hard to tell from this story whether Rutgers is trying to clearly distinguish Rutgers Day from Rutgersfest, or members of the press were questioning about that. The two have little to nothing in common, as Rutgers Day is strictly marketed towards families. Intended or not, any stigmatization of Rutgersfest is both unfair and disrespectful to decades of history.
  • As for Rutgersfest, RUPA is trying to pass the buck (not very convincingly IMO) on their role in it escalating out of control. Gannett had a great editorial on why Rutgersfest should not have been canceled when there were plenty of obvious reforms on the table. Students on Facebook are planning "Ragefest" next year in response to the cancellation. Those kinds of protests tend to sputter out, but the organizers deserve credit and sympathy for standing up for themselves and trying to give a voice to the thousands of students impacted by canceling Rutgersfest.
  • Aspire plans to announce ticket selling deals with several more athletic departments over the coming weeks.
  • Ray Lucas is out of drug rehab for his painkiller addiction. His story was featured on HBO's Real Sports a few weeks back.
  • Men's lacrosse lost 12-2 to Syracuse over the weekend. That should just about do it for Stagnitta after the season is up.