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Filed under: celebrates first year as SB Nation affiliate

Site policy is usually for all content to be relevant to Rutgers athletics and/or topics of interest to the Rutgers athletics community, but this will be one brief exception. officially launched on last year's tax day, April 15th, 2010. A previously incarnation of the blog had existed on a free subdomain.

Joining SBN has been a significant boon to the site's traffic. The old site achieved a total of slightly over 600,000 page views in its life on WordPress, while this one is at slightly over 800,000 for the past year. SBN's back end technology efforts have been very helpful in that regard. The various message boards and local news blogs receive far more traffic for the most part. Which is fine. Any site growth should come on the merits via word of mouth. Everyone has their own tastes. The intention with the move over was to keep delivering quality content while not having to worry worry about the back-end technical/design aspects, and hopefully that has been a success. has grown in more respects than one of the past year, adding one regular additional contributor in Dave, and with another in Shawn unfortunately being limited by time constraints. Dave has been a terrific fit, and he has quickly been able to find a loyal audience here.

The transition has not been smooth in all respects. SBN ultimately is founded on more of a community-based model, and that has yet to materialize here for the most part. That's probably one good thing about falling under everybody's radar. They are a well-intentioned network that is still trying to work out the kinks in some areas. Their stated mission is to create top-quality content, and hopefully they can succeed while being true to the right priorities. That is an admirable goal for anyone.

Another facet - which is more of a direct personal failing, was that one of the explicit goals in initially starting this site was in trying to encourage more of an online dialogue discussing Rutgers sports. That does not have to be solely centered here. There is a danger that has crowded out other voices, which was not only unintentional but completely contrary to what was originally intended. Working with Dave has been great, but it would be fantastic to see other people start throwing their hats in to the arena on some platform or another. I joked the other day about being upset that Dan Levy was retiring from his podcast because it would diminish the influence of Rutgers over the media, but was absolutely sincere with part of that sentiment. True success comes from cultivating a legacy of creating opportunities for others who deserve the chance.

Another problem boils down to resources. It is great that some readers really enjoy the site. It should be far better, and is continually held back at least on my end from an inability to devote more time to creating content. That is not to be a complete downer. The site exists because it often is a boatload of fun to write. It is intended to be good. At least all that eclectic nonsense is being recorded for posterity. It is extremely gratifying to know that people are reading. Thank you.