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News and links roundup for 4/12

  • Just when you thought the Rutgers women's basketball team could get through one offseason without roster turnover, freshman guard Daisha Simmons may transfer. Another report has Briana Hutchen also considering a departure. The team is supposed to have a few good guard prospects coming in, but Simmons was statistically the second option off the bench this year, and still had plenty of time to improve. Rutgers is also reportedly in the mix for one remaining recruit out of Delaware.
  • Hey men's basketball fans, are you hungry for early statistical projections about what the Big East will look like next year? RealGM has their initial rankings up based solely on which team rosters return the most talent, with Rutgers coming in at twelfth (behind Seton Hall.) Those rankings specifically don't take into account draft declarers/transfers (hello, Kemba Walker) and recruiting. Based on the latter factor Rutgers shouldn't have much trouble overtaking SHU in the computer or the human polls. The real wild card should be St. John's, who are bringing in a fair number of highly-touted freshmen.
  • Giants/Syracuse/Montclair hero David Tyree participated in extreme sports over the weekend to raise money for Eric LeGrand.
  • The Rutgers men's lacrosse team played St. John's in the Big City Classic at Giants Stadium, ultimately losing 9-8. Unfortunately RU followed up with a 10-9 loss at Marist. At 5-5 against a weak schedule, including four straight loses, Jim Stagnitta's critics will be loud and vocal over the coming weeks.
  • The past few weeks haven't been pleasant for baseball either, highlighted by embarrassing losses to Wagner, Monmouth, and Princeton. Did anyone know there's a prospect from East Brunswick expected to be first round pick in June's MLB Draft?
  • Joe Lefeged worked out for the Jets on Monday. It's been frustratingly difficult finding information about the NFL Draft this year, as it's been completely drowned out by the ongoing labor strife. The Giants and Jets can work out any Rutgers prospect due to a rule where teams are limited to only bringing in 30 potential draftees unless the player has some sort of local ties. It's also tied to a player's high school, so the Florida prospects could hypothetically work out for the Dolphins and so on.
  • Justin Francis and Mason Robinson visited a school in Clark several weeks back.
  • Having to give up playing due to injury, Darnell Stapleton is moving into coaching.
  • Tim Brown signed with Winnipeg of the CFL. The NFL lockout is throwing a wrench into everything, but arena football starting up again should open up more opportunities at the professional level for players.
  • Quincy Douby is looking to return to the NBA at some point. The thought of him playing basketball in Xinjiang (which occasionally pops up in international headlines) is very strange.
  • Gannett NJ updated its database of Rutgers University salaries. Another recent study found that Pres. McCormick only makes about three quarters of what Graham Spanier gets at Penn State.
  • Congratulations UConn on winning the NCAA Tournament. Last week was for celebration; this one is for decrying their awful graduation rate and pursuing the Nate Miles story in earnest.
  • West Virginia could realize big profits by selling beer at their home games. Isn't that stadium rowdy enough?
  • Which men's basketball coaches have the biggest coaching trees?
  • Women's basketball programs across the country are losing a great deal of money. Even UConn isn't profitable.
  • Remember when Rutgers played Texas Southern in football, and there were all of those weird stories out there about how TSU had a ton of incoming transfers? Now they're in a whole heap of trouble with the NCAA.
  • NC State's inability to find a coach probably has more to do with their own ineptitude than any alleged conspiracies orchestrated by Maryland basketball coach Gary Williams.
  • Former Rutgers athletic director Bob Mulcahy is not being even remotely subtle in going after his longstanding political rival George Zoffinger.
    "We created a harness (racing) industry that was the best in the world. And what happened? Leaders came in, in the middle of the 2000s, and decided they wanted to take (the sports authority) apart," Mulcahy said. "At that time, the political leadership didn't understand what (authority projects) meant to the state. I say that with all due respect to Gov. McGreevey, who sent his people up there to tear it apart unfortunately. Think of what happens when you lose your vision and what you want to get done."
  • Gov. Christie named a task force for the purpose of studying a potential merger between Rutgers and UMDNJ.
  • New Jersey higher education officials testified in Trenton yesterday in support of more funding for higher ed. Don't like the sound of that Montclair State proposal to change the funding formula one bit.