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Setting the record straight on Bobby Gonzalez

As loyal readers may know, several weeks back Linda Gonzalez relaunched her noble effort to set the record straight against a vicious, decade-long smear campaign. An insidious cabal of local and national media, including the likes of Brendan Prunty, Steve Politi, Jerry Carino, Adam Zagoria, Pete Thamel, Manish Mehta, Kevin Armstrong, J.P. Pelzman, Dana O'Neil, Eamon Brennan, and Lenn Robbins have long been in cahoots with Joe Quinlan, Monsignor Sheeran, Patrick Hobbs, Kevin Willard, Fred Hill Jr., Rick Pitino, Bob Byrnes, and countless others in an unfounded attempt to smear the good name of one Bobby Gonzalez.

With Linda's committed retorts certain to result in fruitful employment for her brother in the near future, it's about time we all step in and show more support in her quest. Specifically, she is trying to remove slanderous material from Bobby Gonzalez's page on Wikipedia.

The biography of Bobby Gonzalez is objectionable on a number of levels. He and his family are seeking to know who submitted this, and why edits are not being allowed on something that is so brazenly discriminatory. The information in this biography is unauthorized and controversial. it is malicious. It is clear discrimination and bias. Not one of the 1,000 or more division one coaches have such a biography written with such a derogatory slant. Bobby Gonzalez has been singled out by a malicious writer. I can tell you that all the references to and from the New York Times are not usable and are the subject of an impending defamation lawsuit. I can tell you that the legal incident mentioned was dismissed and is in the process of being expunged. You have no right whatsoever to allow that to be in there.

This biography is written as tabloid trash and it needs to be deleted. I can submit a proper one.

If you choose not to allow this and want to continue to run this, then I need to know that quickly. We have had dozens and dozens of complaints regarding this and warnings to have it changed.

My edits were changed twice which is odd to say the least. Kindly inform us as to what you can do about this.

After initially being thwarted by online brownshirts, Linda is continuing to set the record straight.

An athletic director by the name of Pat Hobbs got Bobby fired to cover-up some decisions that he made. All this stuff about the NIT game and technical fouls was just a smokescreen. It is not factual biographical material. During the course of a basketball season, players do get chippy and get thrown out and coaches do get technicals. Part of the game and not anything to do with a biography. If you read the biographies of other coaches you don't see this kind of thing written. It's as though Bobby were singled out by someone deliberately out to demean. This is important as background : The program actually improved under Gonzalez' watch, rose in the standings every year and rose in the win column every year. His record tells the truth. Seton Hall also fired the women's coach, the track coach, the AD and Sheeran stepped down. And Hobbs is about to step down. Bobby got railroaded and the people behind it, a couple of reporters with an agenda, set out to ruin him. they've also used Wikipedia to this aim. All that you have on that is opinion, and poor opinion at that. It is the subject of a legal issue behind the scenes as are the NYT stories by Pete Thamel whose credibility is a serious question. the only reference to the firing should be that the school decided to go in a different direction due to longstanding disagreements between the coach and the athletic director.As for the mall incident: that is being expunged and therefore should not be written anywhere. I can contribute biographical material that you should have from his actual biography.

Alas, the conspirators continue to hold Ms. Gonzalez down, which is a crying shame. Ideally she will continue to give a voice to the voiceless, and not rest until Seton Hall is held to account for their crimes against an innocent, blameless man. Be assured that Linda's posts will continue to find a welcome, receptive audience and full-fledged endorsement here for as long as is necessary to obtain justice and restitution. In the meantime, be sure to frequently visit her site for the only fair and balanced college basketball journalism out there.