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Brian Angelichio named Rutgers tight ends coach

Many football teams took prime advantage of Pitt's decision to essentially blow up their football program in December, and none have more so than Rutgers. The Scarlet Knights have already added two former Panther coaches in Frank Cignetti and Jeff Hafley, and three recruits in Gary Nova, Marquise Wright, and Max Issaka. Today brought one subsequent addition in tight ends coach Brian Angelichio, which Paul Zeise from the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette first reported several weeks back. Angelichio has a good reputation as a positional coach, and has done very well in recruiting eastern PA for Pitt in recent years.

Rutgers football needs to lose two staffers by March 29th. Angelichio has been officially named TE coach, with moving Phil Galiano into an undefined role as an "Assistant Coach". Hafley is also listed as an Assistant Coach. Although, as a reader pointed out last night, Greg Schiano told Bill King on Rivals Radio yesterday that Hafley will "work with the secondary".

There's still a fair bit of ambiguity to sort out here. Galiano (who recruits southern New Jersey) is no longer coaching tight ends, but he was previously a defensive assistant before 2010. Ed Pinkham (central and northern Florida) is still listed as coaching the secondary. The obvious conclusion is that Galiano and Pinkham are out. However, hypothetically there could be more internal reshuffling in the works. That could be as simple as reshuffling positional assignments, or another possibility would be a more complex series of shifts that do have some precedent in recent Rutgers football history.

Think back to 2008-2009, when Randy Trivers and Gary Brown were both technically graduate assistants while serving as RB coach. That is essentially a way around the NCAA's mandated limit of nine non-GA assistants (which I mistakenly wrote as eight last month) per bylaw 11.7.2. At that time Chris Hewitt served as the team's dedicated CB coach (which is somewhat of a rarity in a non-GA role), before switching over last year to running backs. This is 100% speculation, but perhaps a non-recruiting assistant could shift into a GA role, with other assistants taking Hewitt-style roles.