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News and links roundup for 2/15

  • Wrestling won a close one with American. Rutgers usually has a big advantage with Mario Mason and D.J. Russo, but lost both of their classes. Russo will face another tough opponent with Lehigh coming to the RAC on Thursday. Lehigh actually beat American a few weeks ago, but the matchups are not always transitive. Also, Coach Scott Goodale was on the latest MatChat podcast.
  • C. Vivian Stringer reached back into her bag of time-proven tricks, but it was little help with a big loss at Notre Dame. Rutgers has a 32 RPI and 8 SOS according to real time RPI, is in some trouble right now due to its mediocre record and a couple bad losses. You'd hope they'll finally have some roster depth next season after the past few years of heavy attrition.
  • The Wall Street Journal looks at how Eric LeGrand's injury affected Scott Vallone.
  • Tom Savage is visiting Arizona today.
  • Joe Lefeged is the only Rutgers player on the NFL Combine invite list. By the way, last week Jason Baum said that Pro Day is on March 9th.
  • First Kenny Britt gets in trouble for promising to pay for his friend's bail, and now he's party to a lawsuit for allegedly not making good on that promise. The charges were downgraded to a misdemeanor.
  • Mike Teel is looking to sign with another NFL team.
  • The Rutgers Club isn't happy about the Audi Rutgers Club at Rutgers Stadium.
  • Transparency is good. This, mentioned in light of a similar occurrence at UConn, would have constituted a violation of privacy and hence have been bad.
    Although Connecticut has not dealt with the issue, it's not entirely new. In New Jersey, a state council ruled in 2008 in favor of Rutgers University, which cited trade secrets and individual privacy rights when it denied a request for the names of season ticket holders to football and men's basketball games.
  • Almost half of DI athletic departments have committed "major" rules violations. Rutgers is included, for these violations which occurred in the late 90's.
  • Villanova curiously released a public video about its pending decision to upgrade football. The Big East is foolish for even considering the possibility.
  • Damaso Munoz re-signed with the Edmonton Eskimos.
  • Arena football is coming back this year, and Mike Gilmartin is on the Philadelphia Soul's roster (h/t: Allison Maher).
  • Terry Bynes's brother signed with the Cubits at Western Michigan.
  • Does Urban Meyer know where the NCAA's bodies are buried?
  • The Census Bureau released their New Jersey data last week, which is probably best represented by this graphic. NJ residents are moving away from Essex County (and shore towns), and towards Hudson, and down the Parkway and Turnpike. As those graphical charts show, there were also large socioeconomic shifts going on at the same time.
  • Rutgers is hiking tuition by 4% next year. Apparently applications are down too.
  • New Brunswick's gentrification continues with the Gateway Center construction. Can't wait to learn about the Wellness Plaza details whenever those come out.
  • Flying Fish is releasing its Exit 9: Hoppy Scarlet Ale next month. Does Rutgers or the NJ Turnpike have a better trademark infringement case here?
  • New Jersey is seeing fit to spent $261 million on a casino. Who'll be receiving taxpayer money next? You guessed it: the disaster formerly known as Xanadu.