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Aftermath: The Day After the Mitchell Miracle

Lots of links today, let's see if we can round 'em up, huh?

First off is this amazing video of the Mitchell 3 from the student section.  AND A FOUL! AND A FOUL! AND A FOUL! OH MY GOD!

And the Official Site's photo gallery.

More after the jump...

-Scarlet Scuttlebutt has some videos as well, including the students storming the court.  And the post game press conference.

-Jerry Carino does his usual awesome wrap up of the game.  And then throws in today's media conference call, focusing on J Mitch.

-Mike Rice was on Francesa today. Check out the link.

-Here's Jay Wright with Scott Van Pelt on ESPN Radio. talks to Mike Rice.  I think they're contractually obligated to mention St. John's at least once.

-.Some cool ESPN Sports Nation polls. Just click college basketball.

-And finally, how cool is this?  It's Ken Pomeroy's Win Probability Graph of last night's game.