Football generates approximately 85% of our ticket sales revenue (approximately $30,000,000 in the...


Football generates approximately 85% of our ticket sales revenue (approximately $30,000,000 in the last three years). Coupled with men’s basketball, these two programs generate 95% of all ticket revenues to Athletics. Football continues to generate value and revenue in many other ways including 67% of all donations to Athletics, and more than $5,000,000 per year in television revenue, which we expect to increase significantly upon our next league television contract. In 2009-10, our football program and men’s basketball program were self-sustaining operations. In 2010-11, we moved our focus to new revenue and reached two outstanding naming rights agreements to brand our most visible assets in our football program, the Audi Rutgers Club, and High Point Solutions Stadium. These agreements will generate more than $10,000,000 in revenue over the next eight years to support our business and we continue to pursue additional naming opportunities at the RAC and other facilities. In 2011-12, we are again pushing ahead with an aggressive strategy to generate new revenues in corporate sponsorship, concessions, licensing, and experiences. We have also reduced the University investment in Athletics in the current fiscal year by $1,000,000 from a year ago. University investment in Athletics is common across the country and critical in the mission to provide the experience of 21 Olympic sports at Rutgers. Last year, over 90% of University Support dollars and 100% of mandatory student fees were allocated to our women’s basketball and Olympic sports programs.

That's from Rutgers A.D. Tim Pernetti's year-end letter on Pernetti also touts the athletic department reducing its dependence on university subsidies. The claim that football and men's basketball are self-sustaining doesn't mesh with Bloomberg's report that football lost $2.87 million, so someone's wrong there.