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Rutgers vs. Princeton: Basketball Game 9

After the blow losing to LSU was, Rutgers returns to the hardwood to take on one of its oldest rivals. Princeton isn't very good this year, and on paper this should be an easy win. However, the Tigers' deliberate style could pose problems for the young Scarlet Knights.

Three Quick Keys to the Game after the jump...

1. Stay Patient on Defense: Princeton will hold the ball and wait for their shot. If you play too much zone, they'll beat you with a 3 pointer. If you play a switching D, you will defend the back door better. But Princeton doesn't shoot fast, they'll take their time. They will make this a possession game. Rutgers can't get frustrated by this. If they try for too many steals, they'll likely put the Tigers at the line. And that's never good.

2. Box out and Rebound: If Princeton is taking a lot of 3 pointers, odds are the rebounds on misses will take some crazy bounces. The guards are going to have to do their share of grabbing the ball. The key will be everyone finding their man and boxing out.

3. Execute in the half court: The Tigers are rarely aggressive when going for offensive rebounds. Make or miss, the Tigers will be headed back toward the defensive end. That'll slow the RU fast break. It's likely RU is going to have to work on their half court offense to win this game. After the last game against LSU, that's a question mark. Look for the guards to have a big game penetrating the Tigers' defense and getting to the line.