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Rutgers vs. NJIT: Basketball Preview Game 12

NJIT comes to town for their annual "First Game After Finals" match-up. With the Scarlet Knights coming off a win over Stony Brook, and looking to tune things up before the schedule gets really difficult, this is a game for the freshman to continue progressing.

Keys after the jump...

1. Shake Off the Rust: Rutgers has had a problem starting slow offensively in nearly all their games. Now, with the first game after finals here, that will likely rear it's ugly head again. Expect Rutgers to be a step slow early in the game, thinking ahead to Christmas break, thinking beyond the finals. It shouldn't really hurt RU in the long run of this game, but don't be surprised if it happens.

2. Get Dane Miller Back on Track: Miller needs to find consistency if RU is going to have any success in the Big East. After one memorable game followed by a forgettable one, this is the game to get back on track. Miller needs to bring the energy so the rest of the team can feed off it. A game like this, where Rutgers has a good chance to sleepwalk through the first half, Miller is going to be important.

3. Get Derrick Randall and Greg Lewis Extended Minutes: Malick Kone and Kadeem Jack may be on the fast track back to the team, but eventually Randall and Lewis are going to be needed. Getting lots of time in a game like this will pay off in the long run. Both of these players have shown some flashes, but haven't had enough time to develop in games... and with good reason. But Lewis and Randall need to play.

4. Stay Healthy: With Jack and Kone about to come back, RU has some nicks and bruises, but they're about to be at full strength for the first time all year. An injury that forces a key player out for an extended period of time would be crippling.

7:30 tomorrow at the RAC. Expect a laugher.