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Rutgers Beats Monmouth by 15

Dane Miller.

Need anyone say more?

In last night's game, Miller was a rock star. 13 points, 11 rebounds and 7 blocks. He was flying last night, athletically head and shoulders above the rest of the players on the court. And if he can keep this up, yes, Virginia, there is reason for optimism.

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In the post-game press conference, Mike Rice said Miller was quiet, and led by example. The entire crowd was waiting to see what he'd do next. At one point it was a thunderous dunk. Two blocks on the same play. A behind the back alley oop to Gilvydas Biruta.

But he needs to get going quicker.

Rutgers fell behind 17-7 in the first half, and until Eli Carter got rolling (21 points), the team was playing tight. They couldn't get the ball in the basket, and that was leading to some defensive mishaps. But once Carter hit two threes in a row (within the offense), everyone loosened up. Jerome Seagears chipped in double digits, as did Mike Poole. It was a team effort. Only Myles Mack had a slow night.

Even Mike Rice was noticeably cooler on the sidelines. The yelling was there as much. Rice took his foot off the gas and wasn't screaming as much. And when Miller came off the court to a standing ovation, Rice was there to high five him and slap him in the butt.

A fun night to watch, and hopefully--even though it was against a 2-8 team--it's something to build on.

--In the press conference, Rice said he caught Kadeem Jack dunking two balls the other day and saying his foot must feel better. But yet, there still isn't a time line on either his or Malick Kone's return. Hopefully sooner, rather than later.