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Rutgers 80 Rutgers Newark 66 in Exhibition Action

With 6 brand new faces on the floor and your best player sitting out as a punishment, things aren't going to be easy. There was plenty of talent and athleticism on display, but also a ton of confusion and disorganization. More after the jump...

Eli Carter scored 18, hitting shots from all over the floor. He showed an ability to get to the hoop and also knock down 3s. Malick Kone had 15 points and 8 rebounds. Both freshman were long and on the court a ton. Jerome Seagears and Myles Mack looked strong at the point guard spot at times, but the team did want to settle for 3 point shots early in the game. Mike Rice, however, wanted the Knights to force the ball inside. Derrick Randall showed a propensity for the offensive rebound. On the disappointing end were the juniors. Austin Johnson--who received a fair amount of pre-season hype--didn't register a point and fouled out with 12 minutes stillr emaing in the game. Much of this could be due to the defense sagging off the shootings and packing it in on AJ. But this was a game he should have dominated. Dane Miller didn't play at all, benched because he missed a class in the spring time. Miller--who is expected to facilitate the offense and take over at times this season--might be the reason the offense seemed out of place early in the game. The Knights are expected to run and press this season, but there was little of that in this game. Rice seemed content to not push the ball much, instead working on the half court. They did show a man to man press at times, but not for extended periods. I could only remember 1 successful fast break. At the same time, Rutgers did control the tempo of the game. Overall, this game showed a work in progress. There were flashes of brilliances, but a lot of moments that needed to be worked on. Rutgers fans should continue to remain cautiously optimistic.