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The Real Hero - Mo Sanu

The hot topic after RU's near-miracle win over USF is Dodd versus Nova.  My brethren Rutgers fans - you're missing the real hero.  Mo Sanu won the game in three ways: First, he made at least three clutch, highlight reel catches on that game tying drive.  Second, his five other catches were purely his own near perfect, route running even when the USF defense knew that he was the hot hand.  Third, he freed up Coleman (and Pratt) on open angle single coverage balls - one leading to the game tying touchdown.  Chas deserves a ton of credit.  But, it a wide receiver was finally clutch (in this case in the highest way).  The rest were the supporting cast.

I don't want to take anything away from Chas.  It's a feel good situation.  But, this is my pet peeve with a lot of Scarlet Nation.  Too many of you become fixated on your own armchair quarterback agenda's that the best (and more often the real) part of our games get missed.  Sanu's performance was beyond legendary - the discussion should be dominated by him.

Also lost in the heap - Khaseem Greene had 17 tackles in the game with a grand total on the season of 92.  He was the primary spy on BJ Daniels.  The defense was as good as it could get keeping Daniels to his worst passing game of the season.  Justin Francis added over 10 tackles - 4 for losses and 2 sacks.  These are monster numbers that most casual fans missed.

USF's last second field goal miss wasn't as unexpected as some may have thought.  If you watched warmups and Bonanamaninan (sp?) on the sidelines, he was gimping most of the time.  Looked like a groin pull.  As the game went on, the colder temperature was certainly taking its toll.  Add that Rutgers came close to a blocked PAT by Logan Ryan earlier in the game, there was a stronger chance that USF's field goal unit was not at 100%.

Just as a final note about the Nova v. Dodd.  If Mo Sanu didn't go ham, would we really be making such a big deal about the QB debate?  The same would apply if Nova didn't have the big drop by Harrison in Louisville.