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Rutgers Basketball '11, The Frosh: Jerome Seagears

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The second part of Rutgers 2-headed Freshman PG monster, Jerome Seagears hails from the DC Assault, an AAU program based out of Washington.  Coach David Cox has been able to tap that vein and begin to build a relationship with the program. 

Seagears is expected to compete with Myles Mack all season for playing time.  With the Assault, he shared time with Duke freshman guard Quinn Cook.  A bit bigger than Mack, Seagears may be more Big East ready.

Or is he? 

Find out after the jump...

From what I've read, Seagears is considered the most complete point guard of the freshman class.  He is a distributor and one who should make players around him better in the half court.  He has quick feet and good court vision.  He should be able to find the man in the half-court motion offense.  If Seagears is left open, on the perimeter, however, he should be able to knock down the open 3.  I imagine him as a quicker version of James Beatty.  

What Rutgers fans should be excited about most of all is his defense.  His quick feet should be able to keep him in front of most Big East guards.  He has the potential to be a shut down defender for the next 3 or 4 years.  If he develops the way he's expect fans are in for a treat.  While I wonder if Myles Mack will be pushed around a bit early in his career, I have fewer concerns about Seagears.  He's bigger and matches up nicely as a point guard.

Between Mack and Seagears, the 1 role on the team should be set for the next four years.  It will be interesting to see which of these two players is more prepared for the college game.  Rice rotates and substitutes frequently so both will get ample opportunities to play.  It's who is on the court at the end of the game that will matter.

Jon Rothstein had some interesting things to say about both Mack and Seagears when he visited practice.