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News and links roundup for 11/29

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  • The Chicago Tribune says Illinois has interest in Greg Schiano. That's a long way from being a realistic candidate. Perhaps they are looking for a turnaround artist, but it's unlikely he will reciprocate if GS is supposedly telling Penn State to get lost, and Illinois kept Ron Zook on for years out of being unable to afford his buyout. Illinois could be a good job too if they found the right coach, they're sort of the Rutgers of the midwest in terms of historically wasting resources. Maybe that's the appeal for them.
  • Darnell Stapleton's bad knees may have cost him his NFL career, but he's coaching and formed a web design company.
  • Ron Girault isn't giving up on his pro football dreams.
  • So much for adding Oklahoma to next year's schedule; they are reportedly playing UCF. Things are still too up in the air with conference realignment, but the problem is, how much time will there be left to fill next season's OOC schedule when the chaos settles down?
  • USA Today published their annual story on the highest-paid college football coaches.
  • Quincy Douby will reportedly miss some time in China due to a wrist injury.
  • Women's hoops is starting off red hot. Looks like Stringer is back with a vengeance.
  • The Rutgers wrestling team doesn't want to rest on their laurels from last year. They're just about finished with dual season.
  • A strong season for Rutgers men's soccer ended with a loss to UCLA.
  • Some NFL comings and goings: the Raiders cut Joe Porter, New England signed Tiquan Underwood, Tampa put George Johnson on IR,
  • The University of Maryland plans to drop many sports. The sports in question will have a chance to raise funds, but these sorts of cuts are a growing trend that is showing no signs of abating.
  • What ever happened to former RU football signee Kevin Eagan? He landed at Division III Endicott. A reader recently pointed out that another former recruit in Rashad White plays for Fresno City College now.
  • Real estate prices in New Brunswick are comparatively high as far as college towns go. Well, yeah - New Jersey is expensive. Just wait until gentrification really starts to speed up over the next few years. Pharma workers in their twenties and thirties have to live somewhere with a realistic commute. The article vacillates and is a little unclear - do they mean only New Brunswick proper, or are they counting other parts of Middlesex and Somerset?
  • Forgot to link this with the last UMDNJ stories: NJ Spotlight has a great two-part series on the proposed merger.
  • The domesticated Grease Trucks may have to move out of their parking lot, and once again roam College Avenue. That's what they used to do until the mid-90s.
  • Rutgers is investing in India, which builds on an existing partnership, but forming a satellite campus isn't in the near-future cards.
  • Rutgers University Senior Counsel Jonathan Alger is leaving to become the president of James Madison University. Hey, why haven't there been any leaks yet on the search to replace Pres. McCormick?
  • Will public universities like Rutgers use the bad economy to lure students from higher-ranked schools?