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Rutgers Defeats UMBC 94-56

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Cupcake games like this can go a few ways, depending on the coach.  With Gary Waters as coach, Rutgers would rely on one player hitting their threes and win by 20.  Under Fred Hill, Rutgers would struggle through three quarters of the game only to win by 10.

Under Mike Rice, Rutgers shared the ball, got to the hoop and won by nearly 40.

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Myles Mack scored 20 points, and did it multiple ways.  He got to the hoop, he got out on the fast break and he knocked the 3 ball down.  He was quick, confident, and let the game come to him.  The rest of the team followed suit.  Mike Poole showed great defensive presence in the 2nd half and that lead to 11 points.  Eli Carter also dropped in double digits.

There wasn't much to this game.  Rutgers came out and played hard, defended and shut UMBC down.  They lead by 22 at the half and extended that lead throughout.  This was a game Rutgers needed, something to give the young Knights some confidence going into Saturday night's game against LSU.  As a team, they shot 59 percent from the field, 55 percent from 3 point land, and most importantly 80 percent from the free throw line.

Perhaps the most interesting moment of the night came at the tip off.  Mike Rice decided to start Mike Poole over Dane Miller.  Poole responded, Miller--however--did not respond offensively.  While the hustle was there on defense, Miller only took shots for the game, missing both.  It'll be interesting to see how Miller responds, and if the starting line-up changes even more as the year goes on.  Jerome Seagears also replaced Eli Carter in the starting line-up.

Mike Rice's Press Conference can be heard here.