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Rutgers vs. Richmond: Basketball Preview Game 6

Last night is behind the team.  After the room service, rest, and a good talking to by Mike Rice (I'm assuming this is what happened), the team should be roaring to go tonight.  Richmond got beat up by Illinois last night in the first half, but rallied to only lose by nine. In the early, 3rd place, game tonight, Rutgers has a lot to do against another very talented mid-major in order to come out with a win.

Keys to the game after the jump...

1. Recover:  Last night was an emotional loss, and a taxing one as well.  Rutgers has to press nearly the entire second half to get back in the game and take the lead with 3 minutes to go, only to lose by 6.  Last year, the team would have come out with little to no legs today and then been blow out of the water.  Now Rutgers has depth--and for once a positive-youth.  They shouldn't be tired.  In fact, that should be raring to go and angry that they got destroyed last night.  If they are mentally right after the loss, they will give talented Richmond a game.

2. Defense, defense, defense:  Last night, defense blew the game.  Too many open threes and missed switches and Illinois State made Rutgers pay.  Richmond is an even better team.  Rutgers has to be ready for a Princeton style (well, more Georgetown style) offense.  One that is patient and will wait for its shot.  They will backdoor cut you and if that doesn't work, they'll find the open three.  The players need to keep from leaving anyone open.  The Richmond Spiders will make you pay.

3. Make Shots:  No matter how--fast break, three pointers, and one's, elbow jumpers, and free throws... ESPECIALLY FREE THROWS... just make some shots.  Rutgers offense has not been good the past two games.  Need to get hot fast.  Hopefully playing on the same court the second night in a row will help.

4. Find Dane Miller and Gilvydas BirutaBiruta's been great and needs to continue to be so.  It's time for Dane Miller to take the game over.

The game's at 7 on CBS Sports Network.