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Rutgers Media Day Round-up

While the day was overshadowed by the new that West Virginia was (or is that may be?) leaving the conference, Rutgers basketball was holding a very optimistic and excited media day.  Mike Rice spoke excitedly about the prospect of having a winning record in the Big East for the first time in RU history.  Dane Miller has taken over the team.

And there were plenty of articles and video to cover it.

Links after the jump...

RVIsion has two great videos: one covering Rice's press conference, and one full of highlights.

Jerry Carino has some great insight and quotes on the Hoops Haven Blog.

He also thinks this is Dane Miller's team.

Carino talks about Mike Rice's goal of a winning Big East record.

Steve Edelson says community outreach brings the team together.

The Star Ledger chimes in, saying the underclassmen are going to have to be leaders this year.

Steve Politi love that Mike Rice is talking big. It's just what this program needs.

Rice setting the bar high was the story of the day in THE RECORD as well.

And finally, Tara Sullivan relives Mike Rice's professionalism during one of the more disappointing days in recent Rutgers basketball history.

Lots of information here.  Enjoy reading.  An Austin Carroll preview is coming very soon.