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Marquis Webb, Rutgers University

Marquis Webb was never a big time kid who showed up on SportsCenter.  He didn't make the Top Ten plays.  He didn't lead the league in scoring.  He was often overshadowed by his classmate Quincy Douby--who spent half his junior season in the Big East on the highlights.

But Webb was a different type of player.  To the careful, watchful eye, he was one of the most enjoyable players to watch.  And he took what he learned on the court and eventually brought into the classroom...

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Webb was a defensive specialist.  Nobody ever thinks of the defensive specialist.  They go about and do their job, shutting down the best players in the nation. Throughout his career, Webb was able to slow some of the best players in the college game.  Rutgers Coach Gary Waters would put him on anyone.  He'd slow down great point guards.  He'd slow down power forwards.  He'd frustrate the superstars and made the RAC an impossible place to play.

And it was a joy to watch.  Webb would be talky--a leader--inspiring his teammates.  Coaching them toward a thrilling win at home. 

And what was amazing was--after a brief career in hoops overseas--Webb brought that leadership back to the New Jersey.  Gave back to the community.  He became a high school history teacher.  When Webb was on the court, he wanted to give back to the Rutgers fans.  After he graduated, he wanted to give back permanently.

Becoming a high school teacher is no easy task.  And by all accounts, Webb was successful.  He ultimately had his jersey retired by his alma mater Paterson Catholic, just before the school closed.  He was a 1,000 point scorer at RU and was the team's heart during his four years on the banks.

I'd like to think what he learned as a leader on the court inspired him to be a leader in the classroom as well.

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