Kevin McNamara thinks Big East football has bullied basketball


Ummm Was that when Providence College treated the Big East conference as a dictatorship? When Mike Tranghese tried to destroy Big East football by forcing half of its programs on the ACC in 1998, which invited the ACC raid five years later? Sounds like Providence is panicking that their iron grip on power is in danger, especially since McNamara insists that the Big East needs programs like Georgetown, St. John's, and Villanova (for all sports, no less!) Those programs are assets in hoops, but the BE surely doesn't need the irrelevant and disposable Providence program. McNamara tweeted last night that Mike Tranghese is consulting for the Big East, which fortunately probably means that he and John Marinatto are of one mind on everything. Both are horrible commissioners who actively plotted against half of their conference members. Tranghese came out and said on WFAN that he only cares about Providence College. He is the LAST person anyone from the Big East should be chatting up right now. If there's a chance in hell that the Big East survives, it's by finally putting football first with a football-first commissioner.