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News and links roundup for 10/18

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  • Rowan publicly supports the University of South Jersey concept, and Rutgers-Camden isn't necessarily against it. George Norcross seems to be behind the UMDNJ-NB merger as long as Rutgers agrees on this, so Rutgers should be all for it.
  • Seton Hall is pegging its tuition to Rutgers. You don't often see universities directly going after another one so explicitly, although this move hasn't generated much of a reaction. There just isn't much overlap between the two student bodies.
  • With Rutgers investing in Livingston, is its image suddenly changing? The possibility is difficult to comprehend considering how awful Livingston's reputation has been for decades. Next up: a new business school.
  • President McCormick: Rutgers can take the financial hit from merging with UMDNJ.
    "UMDNJ financials are opaque, to put it kindly, but we are seeking to get involved," McCormick said. "If those elements of UMDNJ come in with their fair share of the state appropriation for UMDNJ … we will be fine."
  • Rutgers posted an ad in the Chronicle of Higher Ed for its presidential search.
  • New Jersey voters support sports gambling, but don't want to bail out Xanadu.
  • The New York Times had a story on how middle class students from India are increasingly looking to the United States to attend college. This represents an important opportunity for Rutgers. For South Asian visitors looking for a smooth transition, there may be no university in the country with more to offer.