Scarlet-White game set for April 30th


Rutgers athletics spokesman Jason Baum officially announced a date for the spring game Friday on Twitter. The date was probably set for a while with Rutgers Day scheduled for the 30th, but now it's official. Here's to hoping that the athletic department can make sure the Busch shuttles take the gameday route on Landing Lane this year. Last April they took rt. 18, which helped slow traffic to an absolute crawl. As a Rutgers alumnus, you unfortunately get resigned to the university inevitably mismanaging everything, which has made the unqualified success of the first two Rutgers Day events that much more surprising. Rutgers Day is a phenomenal showcase for the university to the surrounding New Jersey community, and adding on the spring game to the festivities helps improve attendance and interest all around. My only concern from going last year is that there need to be more College Avenue events capable of matching Ag-Field Day and the NJ Folk Festival. The only real drawback is that once again the spring game/RU day will conflict with the NFL Draft, although it's not as bad now that the first two rounds are held on the 28th and 29th.