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Randy Edsall leaving UConn for Maryland

I evaluate every regional coaching vacancy through the lens of asking whether or not it will be good for Rutgers. In the case of Randy Edsall moving from UConn to Maryland, the answer is most-assuredly yes. UConn has the worst football recruiting base of any bowl subdivision program east of the Mississippi River. A player development coach like Edsall who held the recruiting process in such disdain and contempt that he dispensed with it entirely, content to entirely scout off-the-radar players was a beyond perfect fit for a program located in football Siberia. Given the school administration's restrained pigskin ambitions it is unlikely that they will be able to find a replacement nearly as good.

Maryland is getting a coach who may be without rival in scouting and player development. You can mark down the Terrapins for winning eight games a year in perpetuity from here on out. Maryland has not scheduled any future football games with Rutgers, and Edsall would have to radically change his modus operandi to suddenly become a big threat on the recruiting trail. Maybe he'll bring in some top assistants? All of a sudden, one of the programs that used to be one of the biggest thorns in Greg Schiano's side (before starting to decline last year) might as well be off the radar entirely. Yes, there are no more possible excuses left for Schiano now that a competent offensive coordinator is on board. No, Mike Leach will never get another job again, ever. Sorry.

With Edsall finally out of the picture after eying other jobs for years, Greg Schiano and Rutgers now stand alone as the longest-tenured active partnership in the Big East. In fact, Schiano is only games away from being the longest-tenured football coach in Rutgers history, and is tied for the eighth-longest in the entire nation. No matter how upset fans may be after a poor 2010 season, that sure is a good feeling after facing years of derision. Everything seems to be going our way right now. Hooray, we've got one of the few coaches who isn't a pathological liar! So with that, it's time to bid a fond farewell to Randy Edsall; a talented coach who proved completely insufferable from day one to his final impolite departure.