Josue Matias decommits to FSU

Well, crap. There were rumors about this happening, but nothing even remotely substantive. FSU is probably going to finish with the #1 recruiting class this year, and Matias is their seventh OL commit. Obviously the plan now has to be to spend the next few days trying to get him to switch back. After all, Schiano did pull Kenny Britt away from Illinois and Ron Zook. According to the NCAA calendar Sunday is a quiet period, and then there's no staff contact allowed until Signing Day. That means deputizing Miles Shuler, Savon Huggins, Gary Nova, and every other member of the class to bombard Matias 24/7 until he signs a letter of intent. Can't give up now. There's also the pre-existing relationship with former Union City coach Joe Rotundi, even if he's now at St. Peter's Prep.