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Rutgers/Pitt game thread

Rutgers may not get a win tonight, but with any luck they'll be getting a glimpse into the future. Mike Rice is a Pittsburgh native and a former Pitt assistant. The Panthers win with stifling defense, upperclassmen, and a NJ/NY-heavy roster; all of which you'd ideally see at Rutgers in the future.

What's interesting about this year's team is that, on paper, it's not a roster that really jumps out. This is the Pitt team that could make the Final Four? Shouldn't that have been two years ago when they had DeJuan Blair, Sam Young, and Levance Fields? Then you remember that they are loaded with experience, and play defense like nobody's business.

So Rutgers is probably going to lose this one, although it could be interesting for a half with a top ranked opponent coming in to the RAC, and Pitt coming off a baffling home loss to Notre Dame. RU is going to get murdered on the glass, and this is not a team like Providence that will wilt the second elbows start flying. Dane Miller will have to keep up his top play on both sides of the court, and Gil Biruta must stay out of foul trouble if they're going to have a chance at all.