Maiscei Grier's Dad Complains About Rutgers


(Click the headline for the full article) The family didn’t hear from coaches until August, four months after they were hired, and they failed to scout Grier in July when they were in Las Vegas for a week of high school tournaments, the elder Grier said. NCAA rules prohibit colleges from commenting on recruits until they sign. "For professional reasons and for being a professional university and a business, they should have called us and asked to speak with Maiscei," said Marshall Grier, who coached 10 years of high school ball in New Jersey and often wears Rutgers apparel while watching his son play. First off, did anyone really think this kid was coming here? Fred Hill got a commitment from him at age 14. For the most part, he was forgotten about, even under FHJ. No one mentioned him in the press, and he didn't seem to be lighting the world on fire. It's possible Mike Rice didn't even know about the kid. Should Rice have contacted him earlier? That's questionable. It seems like Rice had a lot of work to do during the early months of his tenure. There was a lot to repair. And with what the father's been saying, shouldn't have tried to contact RU and find out what was going on? What did strike me, however, was the idea that Grier came down and played pick-up with the team. The team, according to Grier's father, really seemed to like him. I wonder if any of the players mentioned Grier to Rice. The article is worth a bit of discussion.