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Previewing Cincinnati: Rutgers Game 20

Keep it ugly.

That has to be what both coaches are preaching to their teams right now.  Keep it ugly.  Muck it up.  Hit the floor, slow the game, create chaos.

So, what are the keys to the game for the Scarlet Knights?

Find out after the jump...

Muck it up... When Cincy beat St. John's on Saturday, that's what they did.  They slowed the pace down, made it ugly.  They got key rebounds.  Rutgers is going to have to play the same type of game, something they've become adept at in the past few weeks.  They're going to have to find ways to turn the Bearcats over.  Cincy is one of the best at holding on to the ball.  RU is going to have to counteract that.  Get hands in the passing lanes, tip the ball, get on the floor.

Get Cincy Bigs in Foul Trouble...Yancy Gates seems to be the key to this team.  He clogs the middle up, he's wide, and he can get your big men (of which RU doesn't have many) in foul trouble.  RU is going to have to take it at gates.  Feed Austin Johnson and Gilvydas Biruta early, pound it inside.  Get to the free throw line.  Easier said than done on the road.

Continue the Dane Miller defensive renaissance... He'll probably start the game guarding Rashad Bishop, who only averages 7.1 points, but can score if Miller is sleeping.  He'll also have to stop Sean Kilpatrick as well.  If he can keep these guys from going off, they'll stay in the game.

Gang rebound... Everybody from James Beatty to Mike Coburn to Jonathan Mitchell are going to have to hit the boards.  With Cincy's height, they have the advantage in this area, but we though the same about Herb Pope and Seton Hall. 

Play your game... Too often in the past, we've seen RU get caught up in what the opposition wanted to do.  Rutgers has to play their game, and be patient.  Get good shots, use the shot clock, switch on defense.  You want to dictate the tempo.  Cincy's been very good at home, but they haven't been filling the place.  It won't get loud, so you shouldn't get distracted.  So just get out there, play your game, and don't think about Pitt until tomorrow.

The game is on SNY and TCN tonight at 9 pm.