The latest on Tom Savage's transfer


Tom Luicci has the story on This is an area where Rutgers will have to tread lightly, but if there's a good reason for not releasing Savage to those eight school then the athletic department should make that information available. Otherwise, they're not going to fare well in the court of public opinion, and they should not if there isn't just cause. For now, the proper course is to hold off judgment until more information is available. Update: looks like Keith Sargeant has more details, which I missed earlier having not updated my feeds (but seeing the SL article on Twitter). The anonymous Rutgers source is absolutely correct that transfer restrictions are fairly common. However, the "jeopardize or harm the program" quote needs to be elaborated on before people will start buying in. Update2: Luicci finally spoke to Tom Savage, who's striking a more conciliatory tone than his father. This is so depressing. Update3: Savage's father says he was misquoted in the Herald report.